Review: THE LEAST OF MY SCARS – Stephen Graham Jones

Alone and slipping into paranoia. Obsessed with mannequin neighbors and family members, with a wet-dry vac, robot arms, and killing people delivered to his doorstep. This is William Colton Hughes, the serial killer who never leaves his apartment, and he’s been waiting for you to come and knock on his door. 

SGJ always grabs me, but this may be the most gripping voice he’s ever tapped into. Billy is a darker, more complex, somehow strangely relatable type of serial killer than any other in literature. 

And the things he does with the bodies… Conversations he has over the phone with Dashboard Mary… I won’t spoil anything. 

Read this in one sitting. Get lost in it. But be sure to shower afterwards, as this is grimy and gory territory, but oh, is it wonderful in the most sinister of ways. 

Dark, romantic, raw, disturbing. Jones never, ever flinches or pulls punches with LEAST OF MY SCARS, which just may be his best work to date, and that is saying a lot.


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